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To avoid spamming tumblr, during Bronycon I’ll be active on twitter! If you wanna know where I am, what I’m up to, whatever; just tweet me @ braeburned!

Spending tonight and tomorrow night cutting out prints and pressing buttons! I leave on my drive from South Dakota to Maryland for Bronycon on Tuesday. Woo!

I hope I got enough stock together. If anyone has merch they ABSOLUTELY NEED to get from me and want to make sure I don’t TOTALLY run out of it, let me know what it is and I’ll do my best to save one for you!

How much would any of your paintings cost at horsecon?


Prints are $5-15 depending on size! 

The small ($5) ones are around 8x11, the large ($15) prints are 12x18, and anything in the middle of those sizes is a medium ($10)

As notes: I HOPEFULLY made enough supplies, but I still expect to run out of at least a couple prints/buttons! If you’re set on getting a particular item (especially if it’s a big button) be sure to get those fast!

And yes, you’ll be able to buy ALL of my items online after the con! I’ll just wait to do online orders until after the con is done and such. 



I’ll be at Bronycon 2014 all three days at Booth number #415! Be sure to stop by and take a look at everything I’ve got!

Really like ‘All Aboard’? Pick up a print of big mac and the train pony crew to show you liked it! Or, pick it up cause you like Big Mac and he’s super cute. Or, pick up any other number of new prints and things I’ll be sellin’! Like the brand new Caramac/Soarburn Poker Night one that I finished last night! I love that one. God those horses are so gay. I love those horses. 

Stop by, get a picture, get a hug, just say hi, buy things, whatever! Seeya there!

Was waiting on a email from someone, so I took a couple sketch commissions in tonight’s stream!

The griffin pinkie design commission is ala Farewell, with other pics for Siggy, SugaryViolet, and Cirrus (there’s an edit of that last one on derpibooru)


Some requests from the stream last night! Had a couple hypno fans, heh.

Some people wanted a textless edit of this panel, and I loved this shot, so here ya go!
I gotta draw sheaths more

Some people wanted a textless edit of this panel, and I loved this shot, so here ya go!

I gotta draw sheaths more

I made a Saddle Up Deluxe: Light!

I had some comments from people about the large file size of Saddle Up: Deluxe, so I made a collection that has all of the images, but minus the SAI/Photoshop files, and minus the 3 speedpaint videos. This cuts the file size almost in half, so now it’s around ~1.5 GB!

If you want the link to this, email me with a reciept (screenshot) that shows you donated, and I’ll be happy to link you it!

Something to say about Saddle Up? Lemme know!

I made a feedback form for Saddle Up! It’s anon, too. 


If you want me to know about things to keep, things to improve upon, things to add or remove, or just wanna tell me which pictures you thought were hottest, WHATEVER. If you’ve got anything you wanna say about the art pack, or FUTURE art packs I may do, say it here!

(It’s not a place to say “I didn’t get my download link!” though! If that happened, email me at braeburned@hotmail.com and I’ll sort things out for ya!)